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It’s Time For A New Car April 5, 2012

I love my car but my 2004 Mazda 6 is, well – starting to show her age.

I purchased her early in 2005 and was very meticulous with her care for the first 3 years. I stayed on top of regular maintenance, and kept the exterior and interior spotless. In return, she was kind to me, and never gave me any trouble. In 2008 however, I moved to Chicago and that is when the abuse began. Initially it was involuntary. Between a long commute, salt for the snow and the biggest pot holes I had ever seen in my life – my car took a royal beating. My first place had a garage which spared the car from much of the elements but after I moved from that place, we downgraded to street parking only – talk about going from the “Hills” to the “Projects”. I began to overlook many things – the dings, the small chips in the paint job, even the little spots of rust popping up everywhere. I then went 8,000 or 9,000 miles without having the oil changed, ignored the check engine light, drove on bad tires, went a whole entire Chicago winter without washing her, yep, you name it – I put my poor car through it.

The day before I moved from Chicago back to Florida my car completely DIED on me. Payback, I guess. My move was delayed for two days while it was repaired. That time it was the transmission control module. Last year, I had a cracked engine mount, and a week ago the accelerator gave out. There were a few other minor things that occurred in between as well.

All of these repairs have totaled to about $3,000 in the last 2 years. Thank goodness I received a great raise at work,  have my part-time gigs, AND paid my car off as soon as I moved back to Florida.  The plan is to upgrade within the next year. I have my sights on this:

In the meantime, my car is still phenomenal on gas. Yes, it has a large tank for a mid-sized car (17 gallons) but typically I can go 8 or 9 days before filling up. That includes a 5-day round-trip work commute of about 48 miles. Not bad, but with gas at $4.00/gallon in my area, the roads trips are down to minimum this year. One of these might be in my future instead….LBVS!

Actually, I couldn’t do it – for safety and space reasons. I mean if someone were to just simply “tap” me from the back, they would be IN the front seat with me! I’ll pass!

Side note: Never buy a car that has been driven in Chicago – it is guaranteed to have been through Hell and back!


3 Responses to “It’s Time For A New Car”

  1. You’re right Chi-town is brutal on vehicles! From the put holes to the snow to the salt and parking on the street is nuts. You did put your car thru alot but she will hold up until your next purchase. The Infiniti G37 is a very nice car I drive one a few months back. It is fast and a the interior is beautiful. You deserve that and more. Keep doing what you’re doing because many blessings are headed your way! You and your little princess are too valuable to ride in that bug everyday! Lol : )

  2. Sorry for the typos! Oh… And What color in and out?

    • StephMarie Says:

      My 1st exterior choice would be Black, 2nd would be Graphite. As much as I would love to have beige leather interior, with a 5 year old, I would lean towards the graphite leather. Gotta be practical! :)

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